Men | Women Development

MEN Development

The Saint Lucia Football Association is introducing a new model for youth and veteran football. The Football Development Model is designed to help referees and coaches teach athletes based on their age, skill, and game type. Our approach assists with the development of young athletes and allows them to learn the game and related skills in a progression that best suits them.

Our model is designed to be a smarter and safer way to play and teach the game. By establishing different levels of contact and game types at each game category, parents can identify the right entry point for their athlete. For coaches and referees, the model helps further advance standards in coach and referee education and certification.

The SLFA is committed to the development of our athletes and the sustainability of world standards of this beautiful game. We will continue along this path to create even better opportunities for the Leagues and for the clubs.

WOMEN Development

The Live Your Goals campaign targets and inspires more girls and women to play football. The campaign was launched at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011™ and has evolved into one of FIFA’s most recognized initiatives in women’s football.

The Saint Lucia Football Association's (SLFA) -Live your Goal; shall become the clarion call for female football development in Saint Lucia. The strategic focus shall be the promotion of female football in Saint Lucia, in every district, league, school, and grass-roots programme, thereby increasing women’s involvement in the sport as players.

Coaches, administrators, and supporters will engender a culture that connects the national psyche to football, whilst creating an enabling environment for women’s football, in every district, every village, in all aspects of the beautiful game.