About Leagues

League Development Programme

The St. Luciafootball Association (SLFA) as part of its mandate from the 37th Congress and its parent body Federation International de’ Football Association (FIFA) has concluded the League installation process with its affiliates. The island has been divided into four (4) zones comprising of the following geographic zones.  The zoning is to allow for the smooth administration and development of the Leagues, and by extension affiliates.

A League is defined as “An Association of football clubs/teams that establishes rules to play, decides questions of membership in the league, and organizes matches between the members.

In Saint Lucia the League is affiliated to the SLFA and is comprised of a grouping of a minimum of six (6) “bonafide clubs”, within a specific geographical area.  Enshrined in the SLFA’s constitution, is a provision for the League to possess a written constitution approved by the Executive Committee of the St. Lucia Football Association.

The structure for the League system comprises of the following Zones where these Leagues are lodged:

  • Zone One (1), North – Gros Islet, Babonneau,Central Castries, La Clery,                                               Marchand
  • Zone Two (2), East – Dennery, Mon Repos, Micoud, Desruisseaux,
                                            Mabouya Valley
  • Zone Three (3), South – Vieux Fort North, Vieux Fort South, Laborie,                                                      Choiseul,Soufriere.
  • Zone Four (4), West – South Castries,RoseauValley, Anse La Raye, Canaries


The League inauguration was initiated in 2015 through a series of focused group meetings with the Youth and Sport Councils and other key stakeholders. The newly established entities comprise of three persons appointed by the SLFA, two persons by the Youth and sports Council and one appointed by the President of the SLFA.  These appointments via nominations from the Youth and Sport Councils and the SLFA, enabled the intervention to be concluded in October 2015.

The League members were advised to urgently initiate ad hock and or sub-committees, develop operating procedures with its members and executive committee, and submit the draft for vetting and subsequent approved by the SLFA as per the constitution. 

The governance structure of the Leagues fosters an enabling environment for growth and development. In this regard, performance of the entity is envisioned as an integral part and parcel of football administration.   It is proposed that the managerial capacity of the recent inaugurated Leagues will be strengthened, through a series of football retreats with clear outcomes, to include formulation of a regulatory framework, core competencies, vision and mission.

The SLFA earnestly hopes for the ushering of a new day in football, through this empowerment process; which will invariably herald a transformation from the bottom up.