Tantalizing Semifinal Set for National U15 Tournament

After a month of consistently exhilarating football, the SLFA/SSO National U15 tournament boils down to the final four teams. Tournament favorites, Gros Islet, after topping the northern group coasted past Soufriere

in the quarter final defeating them by 2 goals to nil. The game was totally controlled by the victors from the onset, as they monopolized possession and showed absolute superiority in all facets of gameplay.

 Meanwhile in the second quarterfinal match, Mabouya Valley overcame Roseau Valley in what seemed like a walk in the park for the youngsters. Roseau appeared to have been motivationally deprived after sinking 2-0 to Mabouya before the interval. Upon restarting the match, Mabouya’s pressure intensified, causing a total capitulation by Roseau after they conceded another 2 goals, bringing the game to a 4-0 conclusion.

Micoud and Canaries were engaged in a very keenly contested quarter final match. The game was evenly poised at 1-1 for most of regulation time as both teams seemed to take turns at threatening each other’s defenses. However, as the game wired down into the final minutes, the players from Canaries’ fitness seemed to have superseded that of the men from the east coast. Canaries managed to get two goals passed Micoud in the final 10 minutes of play as the fatigued players lost their concentration and committed grave defensive errors. The game ended at 3-1 with Canaries advancing and certainly looking like a force to reckon with in the semifinal.

The final quarter final match was contested between Vieux-Fort South and Marchand. The Marchand boys gave a very good account of themselves showing no signs of trepidation as they fearlessly attacked their formidable opponents. However, despite their bravery, Marchand conceded the game to their opponents 2-0 and bowed out of the competition.

The much anticipated semifinal games will be played out on Sunday April 26th, 2017. At 4 PM, Gros Islet put their ability to the test as an inform Canaries team looks to upset the favorites and pave their way to the final of the competition. Immediately after that match, Mabouya Valley who have a tough task on their hands as they will need to unravel what has been the most seal proof defense of the competition in the host Vieux Fort South. It all takes place at the Phillip Marcellin Grounds and it is sure to be a football paradise as the youngsters put their best on display.