SLFA Tags with Free Kick Foundation to Award 14 Scholarships

The truism that sporting competency and academic excellence go hand in hand is one of paramount importance as it pertains to the youth development mandate of the Saint Lucia Football Association Inc. In the SLFA’s strategic plan 2020, an intention to forge a perpetual symbiosis between the two disciplines is clearly delineated.

The SLFA has over the short term have been able to forge strategic relationships with the, private and public sectors, and educational institutions.  This initiative clearly demonstrates the economic benefits to be accrued and the gateway that football affords to our talented youth as they aspire to institution of higher learning.

 The association continued its efforts to put that plan in motion on Monday June 26th, 2017 as they, in collaboration with the sporting enterprise Freekick Foundation and The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports handed out scholarships to fourteen (14) of the island’s elite level under 21 football players. The presentation was held inside the conference room of the new site of the SLFA headquarters in La Clery. Attending the presentation was the president of Freekick Foundation Mr. Aaron Richards, the General Secretary of the SLFA Mr. Victor Reid, the Technical Director at the SLFA Mr. Ces Podd and the scholarship recipients. The awardees, which included 11 current national team players were selected following a series of trials held in January by the Freekick Foundation.

The trials focused greatly upon the players’ ease of manoeuvrability with the ball; however other key football attributes such as pace, strength and balance were also evaluated. Following their success at those practice sessions, players had to produce academic records indicative of a satisfactory educational performance. The players who displayed aptitude in both disciplines were then selected as the scholarship awardees.

These athletes will be attending five colleges all situated in the United States of America namely; Essex College (New Jersey), Louisiana State University (Alexandria Louisiana), Concordia College (Alabama), University of South Carolina (Aiken South Carolina) and Mercer College (New Jersey). The courses of study that they have chosen to pursuit ranges from business oriented subjects to Science based disciplines. The scholarships will cover most of the athlete’s tuition cost and will be distributed annually contingent upon the recipient’s maintenance of a satisfactory grade point average.

During their academic pursuits, the young footballers will undergo training at their respective institutions. They will be vying for a spot on their college’s football team and they will also be eligible for selection for the Saint Lucia national team at national, regional and international competitions. The opportunity provides exposure and the experience of elite level training to the athletes. This is expected to ramp up their individual performances and by extension the overall performance of the national team.

The fourteen players selected included 11 male and 3 female footballers. Listed below are the group of awardees:


Shannasha Prevot (National U20 Female)

Lyla Lionel (Senior National Female)

Claudia Constantine (National U20 Female)

Keeroy Lionel (National U21)

Nangee Phillip (National U20)

Ethan Joseph

Jahzani Henry (National U21)

Tristan St.Louis

Cassius Jones

Zachernus Simon (National U21)

Jervel Tobiere (National U20)

Aaron Richards (National U21)

Aazah Daniel (National U20)

Yod Fevriere (National U21)