Office Of The President


The development of any sport rests on its deliberate development and sustenance of a vibrant grassroots program that involves Children. The early development of the ideals of sport in children is key in the creation of a culture of sport and its development. In the process, however, we must always remember that we are dealing with children and that it is key that we protect them and treat them for what they. The Saint Lucia Football Association has taken this initiative very seriously. If we are to sustain the positive development of Football, we must take seriously the safety of the children that we engage to ensure that there is longevity in their participation. As such, The St. Lucia Football Association seeks to educate the General Public, Football Leagues, Coaches, Clubs, and parents about the Child Care Protection Programme. The message to the Public on Child Sexual Abuse is that “There are no innocent bystanders, silence is acceptance, so please break the silence.”

The Key messages which the St. Lucia Football Association would like to educate the public on are to end child sexual abuse as every day countless girls and boys are abused in the Caribbean by parents, other relatives, caregivers and neighbours. Sexual abuse happens everywhere including in homes, schools and other institutions. We also recognize the other abuses and also attempt to bring some attention to these. 

It is noted that the true magnitude of abuse is hidden because it happens behind closed doors. Children who are abused remain silent because of fear and it can have a serious impact on them and the society as it increases risks of psychological distress, stigma, discrimination and early pregnancy, HIV, HPV, and other sexually transmitted infections.

Victims of Sexual abuse are also at risk of becoming ensnared in a cycle of violence and becoming abusers themselves. It is therefore important for the public to fulfill children’s rights and ensure that the lives of boys and girls are free from abuse, neglect and violence. Governments, Social Workers, Teachers, Families and Children must unite to end the abuse of Children. 

The Saint Lucia Football Association has partnered with the Ministry responsible for children to work together to eradicate this problem. The association will continue to create awareness amongst its members and will continue to develop training modules for the education of its coaches, teachers, and other important partners.