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We the Members and Administrators of football in Saint Lucia, in order to provide for our common good and welfare, to act as a co-operative body in the pursuit of all aspects of football, and generally to protect our interest, National, Regional, and International; have organized ourselves into a National Association. We do hereby establish this Constitution to govern ourselves and to form for professional and legal purposes the Constitution of the Saint Lucia Football Association.


The St. Lucia Football Association came into being in 1979.  Prior to this the organization operated as the National Football Union.  The Association is affiliated to the Federation Internationale De Football Association (FIFA) The Confederation of North, Central America and the Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) and the Caribbean Football Union (CFU).  The St. Lucia Football Association is also aligned to the Windward Islands Football Association (WIPA).  WIPA operates as a sub-grouping of the Caribbean Football Union.

The St. Lucia Football Association first became a member of CONCACAF in 1986 and subsequently in 1988, two years later became a member of FIFA.

Since its formation in 1979, the Association has had five presidents, Earl Huntley (1979-1994) Mark Louis (1994-2004) Oswald Wilkinson Larcher (2004-2007), Patrick Mathurin (2007-2011) and Lyndon Cooper (2011)