Womens Development Program

Overall Objective

The Live Your Goals campaign targets and inspires more girls and women to play football. The campaign was launched at the FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011™ and has evolved into one of FIFA’s most recognised initiatives in women’s football. 

The Saint Lucia Football Association's (SLFA) -Live your Goal; shall become the clarion call for female football development in Saint Lucia.  The strategic focus shall be the promotion of female football in Saint Lucia, in every district, league, school and grass-roots programme, thereby increasing women’s involvement in the sport as players.

Coaches, administrators, and supporters, will engender a culture which connects the national psyche to football, whilst creating an enabling environment for women’s football, in every district, every village, in all aspects of the beautiful game.


The Saint Lucia Football Association envisions becoming a Women’s football leader in the Caribbean Football Union CFU, and to be ranked in the top ten in women’s youth football among CONCACAF nations within the next five (5) Years.

Live Your Goals seeks to promote and attract girls and women to play football and to help member of SLFA strengthen the image of women’s football in their communities and Leagues.

Intrinsically, Live Your Goal is a communication and promotional campaign, a development programme for member of the SLFA and a great platform from which to communicate and talk about women and girls playing football.


  • Increase participation of women and girls in football
  • Spark excitement for women’s football
  • Create the best opportunities for women’s football to thrive
  • Ensure that football becomes the number-one female team sport

The first, and most important, objective of Live Your Goals is to encourage women and girls to participate in football. The SLFA want to ensure that every girl and woman who wants to play the game has the opportunity to do so. 

Key messages:

  • Girls and women “live their goals” through football
  • That football can  inspires and empowers girls and women
  • Fast-growing sport for girls and women in Saint Lucia
  • Golden opportunities for personal development, e.g. Education
  • Female footballers as role models
  • Football helps girls and women to improve their standing in society