Women's Fixtures

Rules for Female Football Competition

  1. The Competition will be governed by the rules of FIFA.
  2. Games will be played 7-a-side using hockey goals.
  3. Games will be of 40 minutes duration (2 x 20 minute halves with a 5-mins halftime interval).
  4. Teams are allowed unlimited substitutions during a game.
  5. Teams will be placed into 4 groups.
  6. At the end of the preliminary round, the two (2) top teams from each group will advance to the Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Finals.
  7. During the knock-out stages if a match ends in a draw, a penalty shootout will determine the result.
  8. Teams will be required to register a maximum of 20 players for this competition.
  9. Size 4 balls will be used for the competition.

NB: Please ensure that female players are clad with tights under the game shorts – not surpassing the game shorts.

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