The Saint Lucia Football Association and Vizions Productions provided six scholarships for the 2015/2016 academic year.

The following are those who have been awarded:



D.O. B



Yakima Samuel

Roseau Valley

Parent – Ms. Lydia Samuel

Ciceron Secondary


Single parent household,  

Mother underemployed,

Mother has a baby also,

Lacks text books and financial resources for school.

  • She was called to the National Under 15 Squad, did not make the final team
  • As a result of the existing poverty, she has not been able to afford the equipment and other essentials but she has continued to play football seriously,
  • Continues to take a strong interest in the game in spite of his hardships
  • Has been seen as a future player for Saint Lucia.


Name and Vital Information


D.O. B


Jenatan Matty

  • Riverside Road, Canaries
  • Parent -Lindella Matty (guardian)
  • Email address:

Soufriere Secondary

29 August 2001

Participant in Canaries Grassroots Program.

Member of 15 District Team and trains with the Under 18 District Team.



  • His mother is unemployed and has to support him and his brothers.
  • Books and other school necessities are always an issue every year. Most times he does not have all the books required.

Name and Vital Information


D.O. B


Cassius Jones

Parent – Mr. Jeferson Jones

Vieux-Fort Comprehensive


  • National Under 15 and Under 16 player 2013-2014
  • Captain…,Vieux-Fort South U16, U17 (National Champions)and U 18
  • Captain… Vieux-Fort Comprehensive School
  • Exhibits leadership Qualities, shows maturity, demonstrates responsibility, and exemplifies discipline and positive attitude.
  • Family got severely affected by December trough and have still not fully recovered. 
  • Only father is employed and socio-economic situation is not the best. Parents are keen followers of the game and are usually by every game that he plays, accompanied with siblings
  • He is an outstanding Student

Neema Anderson

Parent –
Mr. Trevor Anderson

Vide Boutielle Primary School

10 years old

  • Member of VSADC Academy from about 3 years old,
  • An outstanding player at her age level.
  • One parent employed, with other parent providing for her needs. Parents provide all the support that they can to allow her to develop her skills and knowledge of football,
  • They also provide her educational needs although it is hard for them taking into account their income,
  • Neema looks forward to training and is always ready to work hard at sessions with her father or at the academy,

Name and Vital Information


D.O. B


  1. AlixCharlery
  2. Peter Charlery

Parent – Mr. Peter Charlery

Mon Repos Primary School

Parents are unemployed and have been struggling to send them to school.

  • Boys are most times out of school because they have no uniforms, books, shoes and meals for the day,
  • Neighbors are the ones who sometimes give food to the boys on mornings and in the evenings,
  • Mother is also not well most times and cannot really work for too long when she gets work

Please proceed to write the cheques in the following names as follows:

  1. Ms. Lydia Samuel for Yakima Samuel -  $600.00

  2. Ms. LindellaMatty for JenatanMatty - $600.00

  3. Jefferson Jonesfor Cassius Jones - $1,000.00( He is about to enter SALCC and has no funding. The V/Fort South league will also provide an additional $500.00 to him)