Referee's Course

The referees department at the association is responsible for the recruitment and development of referees for local, regional and international assignments. The department is also responsible for the assignment of referees to competitions held here in Saint Lucia on a daily basis.

As a result of the experience gathered by the referees some of them are selected for the International referees list. This makes them eligible for refereeing matches at international competitions.


At present we also have six officials who are referees assessors. These persons were trained to assess the competence of our referees and were also rained in the following subjectsareas:

  1. The roll of an assessor
  2. Introduction to the assessment process
  3. Observing the match officials and feedback
  4. Assessment report - written feedback

The refereeing program continues throughout the season with workshops and practical sessions by the local instructors at the district and national levels..

A number of other ongoing activities are taking place as follows;

  1. Referee Fitness Programs and tests
  2. Referee Assignments to district and National champions islanwide
  3. Assignment of Referees by CFU, CONCAAF and FIFA worldwide
  4. Periodical Referee development Courses

FIFA constantly provides us with support by way of referee courses in Saint Lucia from time to time.