General Secretary Message

We are an organization responsible for charting the development of Association Football In Saint Lucia. It means that we are the custodians of the beautiful game and that our country is ever watching and assessing our actions.

With this huge responsibility comes a number of partnerships that are necessary for Football to progress. We must establish good relationships with the Government of Saint Lucia as they are the ones who are mandated to ultimately develop the nation. We must lend our support to its programs and activities. Our members are our pride, they are the driving force behind us, giving us the impetus to move forward, to develop the game and by so doing the people. Our members play a significant role in the development of the games at the district and national levels and they provide guidance on local, regional and international matters crucial to our sustenance.

We have seen a revival of public support at the various championships and that is very encouraging for the teams and clubs island wide. The level of administration at the district level has improved by leaps and bounds and we can see the result of this in the quality of programs being hosted by the leagues and the association. Our members talk to us every day and this is a significant feat for the Saint Lucia Football Association.

Our sponsorship projections were not very encouraging this year but we certainly appreciate those who, in spite of the economic downturn continue to provide us with their limited by invaluable support.

The secretariat has an open door policy and we dialogue with any and everybody, we welcome new ideas and criticism as it helps us look inward to improve our deliverables and engage Saint Lucians as we develop the beautiful game. The Saint Lucian public is one of our greatest assets and we must ensure that we maintain the highest level of contact possible.

The technical side of the game has seen a revolutionary and strategic change which has caused us to transition smoothly to improve the coaching and refereeing systems. We will continue to push the envelope to create an new ethos in coaching and refereeing island wide and we will continue to depend heavily on our member Leagues to support us in this vain.

The monitoring of players and teams at the district and national levels has improved and we now see lessattempts to contravene the laws. Of course, we have much more work to do, but we have successfully educated them to allow us to implement phase two of this important facet in football development.

We will continue to do what we have been instructed to do and will continue to seek the support of everyone in our quest to develop our people and the beautiful game.

Victor Reid
General Secretary