Thinking of setting up a new football club in your area? Before you form a new club, you need to ask:

  • Are there enough players?
  • Are there enough volunteers to run the Club?
  • Please speak to the SLFA for more details regarding rules and regulations, however, by following these simple guidelines you should be in a position to have your new club up and running in no time.

Constitution - Appointment of Club Officials Clubs

Must appoint a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and a Club Welfare Officer to enable the Club to function effectively within SLFA Rules and Regulations. It is also suggested that other people are appointed to assist in other areas of the Club – coaching etc.

Finance - Income and Expenditure to Run the Club

As a new Club it will be important to raise funds to run the Club and initially these will probably be from player memberships and subscriptions. It is also advisable to produce a list of costs to run your team which will help you create a budget of income and expenditure for the season.

Players - Registration, Eligibility, Discipline, Coaching etc

It is important that Clubs are fully conversant with the rules of each competition that they may wish to enter. All discipline at grassroots is administered by the SLFA.

Affiliation -

A Club will need to affiliate to the SLFA and the appropriate League it wishes to join. Clubs are recommended to seek advice on suitable League membership from the SLFA .

If you are interested in setting up a new club please email us for more details: