Welcome to Saint Lucia Football Association Inc.

The St. Lucia Football Association (SLFA) is very proud of the level of work that it  is currently undertaking and the  success that it has achieved.

Our Flag Ship youth development programme is the driving force behind our many activities. Our aim with this initiative is to encourage the development of young players  across the nation through best practice principles in order to achieve their highest football potential.

The SLFA is happy to report that FIFA, CONCACAF and the CFU have and will continue to partner with us.  The Government of St. Lucia and the Private Sector have provided some support and the SLFA will continue to partnerwith them for future endeavors.

The 19 Member Leagues of the SLFA have all stepped up to the plate and are working successfully in helping the Association as we continue along the path of development of Football in St. Lucia.  The Staff of the St. Lucia Football Association have also pulled their weight to implement and execute the programmes and policies of the new and excited Executive Committee. 

We invite members of the public who can contribute positively to the beautiful game to come volunteer and contribute to our countries development.

The Association welcomes you to view the programmes and activities of the SLFA and hope that you will give some positive feedback.

Thank you for your support and time.

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Message from the President of the Saint Lucia Football Association

The Saint Lucia Football Association prides itself in the performance of the mandate given to it by FIFA and its member Leagues. Our ultimate goal is to take football, the beautiful game to higher heights, in doing so we have forged partnerships with a number of agencies, government departments,FIFA,CONCACAF,CFU,our member leagues sponsors and the wider public.

Over the past three years our work has been a testimony to our very existence and we have been rewarded and awarded the prize of “Association of the year “on three different and consecutive occasions.We are indeed grateful for the moral support and otherwise that we have received from our friends and partners...read more


Message from the General Secretary of the Saint Lucia Football Association

We are an organization responsible for charting the development of Association Football In Saint Lucia. It means that we are the custodians of the beautiful game and that our country is ever watching and assessing our actions.

With this huge responsibility comes a number of partnerships that are necessary for Football to progress. We must establish good relationships with the Government of Saint Lucia as they are the ones who are mandated to ultimately develop the nation. We must lend our support to its programs and activities. Our members are our pride, they are the driving force behind us, giving us the impetus...read more